This is What I Do

A Varied Selection

Here are some examples of the kinds of voices and deliveries I can offer you. 

Perhaps you need an authoritative narration for your PowerPoint presentation or medical document. Or, you are launching a new product and need a salesperson’s voice to get people excited about it. Maybe you operate a museum or theme park and need a ‘tour guide’ to assist your visitors. You might be an author and you would like someone to narrate your book. 

I can do all of these things and more.

I have lived in Britain, France, and other locations all over the world, finally settling here in Mexico. French and Spanish are my second and third languages, with my natural US regional accent being Californian.

If you have a particular project in mind, please don’t hesitate to ask me. Auditions are free!


A woman lying on a bed and listening to an audiobook through headphones

The market for audiobooks continues to grow. Let me help you expand your audience by turning your literary creation into an audiobook.

Radio & TV Commercials

A young woman in a recording studio narrating a script into a microphone

Products or services. Whether you want me to be authentic, warm, upbeat, serious, or funny I can voice your radio or TV commercial, including Public Service Announcements.

Corporate & Industrial

Several men in suits sitting at a table and listening to a presentation

Informative, educational, serious, or warm and friendly. Whatever you need for your business, I can help.


Black and white image of a grinning man in a suit pointing to a box he is holding labeled ZIP

I can be your voice for infomercials. An over-the-top sales pitch can be entertaining and engage your audience. I have so much fun voicing them.


French flag with the Eiffel Tower superimposed over it

I have been speaking French since childhood. My accent is Parisian. I can voice commercials, PSA’s, explainer videos, children’s books, and more.


Flag of Mexico

More than 485 million people speak native Spanish. I am fluent in Latin American Spanish and I live in Mexico. I would love to voice your Spanish script/commercial.

International Accents

A young woman holding a French flag and standing in front of the Arc de Triomphe in Paris France

An International accent captures the attention. I can range from sounding like a serious business person to a corny stereotype. I really enjoy doing French and British accents.

Medical Narration

An open medical text book with a stethoscope lying on top

Whether speaking to doctors and medical professionals or educating non-medical people on health science in a way they can understand, I can deliver your medical narration project.

Meditation & Yoga

Two women sitting with crossed legs practicing yoga

As a yogi of many years myself, I can speak in a warm, soothing, relaxing voice.