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I Am Happy to Provide a Free Voiceover Recording

I would be delighted to audition for you.

This service is free, so you can determine if I am a good fit for your current project, or perhaps even a future endeavor that you may be planning.

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To request an audition, please complete the form on this page.

Let me know if the final recording will be for a tv or radio commercial, PowerPoint presentation, audiobook, or some other project.

Let me know your target audience and the kind of voice you are looking for, American, British, or French accent, and also the delivery style. Do you want a salesperson, a business, or a medical narrator? Would you like me to sound upbeat, serious, or friendly? Please give me as much detail as possible.

I ask that you limit your audition script to one minute or 500 words. However, if you have something critical in mind that might take a bit longer, just ask me.

I will send the audition recording to you as an MP3 file unless you request a different format. 

I am always happy to help!

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