Rates and Payment

How My Pricing Works

For me, every project is unique and to try and assign an arbitrary price based solely on the length of the finished recording is counterintuitive.

On the other hand, I recognize that you will likely need some idea of what the ultimate cost of your project will be so I have created the following table as a guide.

These prices are for non-broadcast, self-directed recording sessions and assume that the script is gramatically correct and does not require proofreading or editing, particularly if it has been translated.

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Scripts up to 5 minutes


Scripts up to 10 minutes


Scripts up to 20 minutes


Scripts up to 30 minutes


Scripts up to 60 minutes


Scripts over 60 minutes

Request a quote

Audiobooks – per finished hour


A price that is fair and reasonable

This is surely what all parties should be striving for and to achieve this I invite you to do the following:

  1. Send me your script.
  2. Tell me how and where the recording will be used (usage).
  3. Let me know when the recording needs to be completed.
  4. If you have a budget in mind tell me what it is. I will let you know right away if I can work with it.
  5. Tell me what format(s) the recording should be in. In the absence of this information, I will supply the recording as an mp3 file.

When I have this information I will give you a price within 24 hours and while the price I quote will, from my perspective, be fair and reasonable, I will invite you to tell me your thoughts and we can discuss from there.


For most projects up to an hour in length, I will invoice you following the submission of the final recording, although I reserve the right to request partial or full payment in advance should the circumstances warrant it.

For non-audiobook projects greater than an hour in length I will typically ask for 50% upfront and the balance on completion to your satisfaction.

For audiobooks, I will usually ask for payment in installments: 25% before recording commences, 25% when the recording is 50% complete, 25% when the recording is completed, and the final 25% after any requested edits and you are fully satisfied with the finished product.

All payments can be made either by PayPal or bank transfer.