A Little Bit About Me

What Can I Tell You About Myself?

I am a former actor, lifestyle model, and voiceover actor with Signature Models and Talent in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Acting is in my blood. As a kid, I was constantly involved in school plays where, as well as acting, I would sing, dance, do character voices, and be the ‘show host’.

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Colette in blue shirt and raising right hand

My mother also had me stage entertainment for guests for many years as I was growing up such as reciting poetry, singing commercial jingles and theme songs of the latest television shows, and so on,  so I guess my love of speaking and acting stemmed from this time. I loved it all!

My older brother, Frank Colosimo, was a voice-over actor for many years in Hollywood, CA and he coached me often and taught me a lot about voice acting. We had an extensive repertoire of comedy skits, characterizations and parodies that we would practice all the time. 

After a career as a sports injury therapist and scuba diving instructor, I got into voiceover work, as well as acting and lifestyle modeling, when I joined Signature Models and Talent. I felt like I had come home! This is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Since then, I have narrated books for the visually impaired as well as character voices including French and British accents, regional US accents, comical characters, PSAs, straight narration, medical narration, infomercials, meditation and yoga, and children’s interactive e-learning.

I am now living in Yucatan, Mexico, and am fluent in Spanish and French.

I am passionate about voiceover work and enjoy the variety. I am also open to new challenges. I stay current and hone my craft constantly, aided by my professional home recording booth and high end equipment, so that I can produce and deliver the best recording to you.